Romance with a Hint of Kink
The Naughty Librarian
© 2014 by Blushing Books and Marie Pinkerton

I looked over at my boyfriend Carlos, and blushed, remembering a recent blog post I’d made. That in turn reminded me that my iPad mini, which I used to made entries on the road (seriously, have you ever tried making a long post on a smartphone?), was still up in the hotel room I officially was sharing with my best friend Abby.

On our way to his hotel room, Carlos didn’t mind stopping by mine to grab the iPad, and I went ahead and gathered my overnight bag as well. It might have been a bit optimistic, thinking that I’d be spending the night with him, but at the very least, I wanted to change into something more comfortable. Pun very much intended.

I paused when I saw Abby’s open suitcase next to mine. I love my best friend, but she dresses so....frumpy. Just what I try to avoid -- can you imagine being a librarian under thirty that dresses frumpy? I’d never get a date.

“Hey Carlos,” I raised my voice so he could hear me in the living area of the suite. “Can you see if there’s any scissors or a knife in the kitchenette?”

He came into the bedroom, which previously he was too shy to enter (how outspoken, extroverted me ended up with such a refrained, prim cutie of a boyfriend was still surprising), and handed me a serious looking knife. I looked with admiration at the comfortable handle and wicked-looking blade. This had to be his personal item, not something from the hotel’s lacking kitchen area.

I slashed long rips into two of Abby’s shirts before Carlos realized what I was doing. The juijitsu Carlos was learning was used against me, and before I could blink he disarmed me and wrapped his body around mine, preventing me from moving an inch.

Oooh. He can practice his martial arts against me at any time. Being restrained...worked for me, and sent my lady parts all a twitter.

“What, in the name of all that’s holy, are you doing?” His mouth was millimeters from my ear, and my back shivered as his breath hit my ear. Maybe he’d consider nuzzling my earlobe while he was there?

He cleared his throat, and I remembered he had asked a question. “She just got married,” I said simply.

“Not good enough, corazón.”

I tried again. “Her clothes aren’t what a newlywed should wear. I’m helping her out. Now she can go shopping for new clothes.”

“And you don’t think she’d just buy the same clothes she has been wearing?”

I paused. Damn him, bringing logic into this. Didn’t he realize I was still drunk? Maybe down to tipsy at this point, but still...alcohol. “Nah,” I lied. “She’s had sex now. Or will be, when they get back to the hotel. She’ll want to dress for Mark.”

Carlos grudgingly let me up, and showed me how to better hold the knife. Apparently holding it “upside-down” (blade down) was more efficient. I slashed her granny-panties, and was surprised at how much easier it was.

Destruction of clothes finished, Carlos grabbed my bag for me, and I picked up my iPad case, and we headed over to his room.

Unlike us bridesmaids visiting Las Vegas for a weekend bachelorette party sharing suites, Carlos and his military buddies each had rooms to themselves. I was a bit surprised that Carlos was letting me spend the remains of the night with him. He’d always been very clear about his limits in the past. His religious upbringing kept him from wanting to have sex before marriage. While I didn’t share in those beliefs, I respected them, and didn’t push him more than his comfort level. For me, though, I wanted him. Badly. I flopped on one side of the king-sized bed, and took my iPad out of its case. Carlos may be able to fall right asleep, but I wanted to memorialize the evening. Besides, the sheer volume of alcohol I had consumed was keeping me awake and hyper, and there was no chance I was falling asleep anytime soon.

I wrote up a stirring description of the public attempted birthday spanking of my best friend, and fellow bridesmaid, Abby, last night. As usual, I exaggerated the incident, and made it out to have taken place by me.

Yeah, this was my “thing”.

See, the world thought I was the “Naughty Librarian”, the popular smut blogger. And when I say “thought I was”, I mean not just the author, but “lived the life”. I had started the blog in college, once I realized I wanted to be a librarian. A librarian isn’t a popular career choice among college students, and I got laughed at. Almost as much as a friend that wanted to be a dentist. I didn’t like being mocked, so the “Naughty Librarian” was born. She was everything I wasn’t -- outspoken, extroverted, made crude comments, had a ton of one-night stands. Comments on the blog posts early on were by men wanting to do sexual acts with her, including spank her. One particularly wordy one described, in explicit detail, of spanking the Naughty Librarian with a wooden ruler, with her bent over the reference desk. That titillated me, and obviously did that particular commenter, so I embraced spanking as part of the persona. I continued the blog through getting my Master’s, and many people around my college campus knew I was the author.

When I had interviewed for the librarian position at Palomar College (where I was currently employed), I thought I’d be starting a new life, free from the Naughty Librarian. I could leave her behind, and continue with a normal life. Unfortunately, my reputation preceded me, and while I got the job on my own merits, other librarians at the college found out my secret. Something as juicy as this spreads quickly, and within days all of the administrative staff knew who I was. I’ve had to be the Naughty Librarian ever since.

I’ve never figured out why I kept the blog going, and didn’t just let it drop. Maybe deep down I always wanted to be like her, instead of a prim and proper quiet librarian with her hair in a bun. Maybe it’s like the old saying, “fake it until you make it” -- I had pretended to be the Naughty Librarian for so long, I’ve adopted it as my own life.

Much of what I wrote was embellishments. Okay, maybe they were flat out lies. But I prefer to think of them as a persona...not really lies, just more...stories. Obviously my readers were interested in them.

I hit “publish,” and tossed the iPad onto my pillow and climbed out of the huge bed, heading for the bathroom. I freshened up, opened the door, and my heart caught in my throat. Carlos was reading my iPad.

“It started to fall off the pillow,” Carlos stated. “I caught it, and the screen lit up. Imagine my surprise when I saw my name on there.”


“I must be having memory problems. My commanding officer should be told, since if I don’t remember spanking and fucking you every way to Sunday, who knows what I’m missing at work.”


Carlos had moved to the edge of the bed, probably after catching the iPad after it fell, and patted his knee. I didn’t pretend not to know what he meant by that. With as much dignity as I could muster, which wasn’t much, I draped myself over his lap.

My boyfriend wasted no time in yanking down my sweats. My thong hid my privates from view, but my butt cheeks were out there for Carlos to see.

“According to your blog, you ‘think best’ in this position.” He rested one large, calloused hand on the far cheek, and I let out an eep. “Can you ‘think’ of any excuse that I should entertain? Or do you need some incentive?” He punctuated his last question with a swat.

“I’m good!” I squeaked. I totally was not the Naughty Librarian, not when a single spank raised my voice an octave.


“Um.” I ran through several possible excuses, and decided on honesty. I explained the whole long story, starting with college.

Carlos listened to the rush of words flowing out of me, and rubbed circles on my exposed bottom. “When did you plan on telling me all of this?”

I felt like a broken record. “Um.”

That received, probably well deserved, another swat.

“I couldn’t tell you!” I plead.

“Glennys. We met at a dungeon. Why would you think I wouldn’t understand?”

You’d think -- and obviously Carlos thought -- that meeting in such an inauspicious location would have made telling my boyfriend about my blog easier. After all, our meeting had prompted me to write one of the more popular blog posts, and I hadn’t even exaggerated it. Much.
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