Romance with a Hint of Kink

Time to Control

"I was married five hundred years ago to the man I met on Thursday. It has made for an interesting start to a relationship."

Schroeder Kelly was quite happy living her solitary computer geek life. When she gets sent to New York to meet with the high-level consultant who's reviewing her company's IT department as part of a buy-out bid, she knows she's only being sent because she's the most presentable of the IT staff, and unfortunately that's not saying much.

However, nothing can prepare her for her first morning in New York: exhausted from a flight that arrived eight hours late, running on no sleep and way too much caffeine, she sees Edward Valenti-Kirby for the first time. Hardly the balding fifty year old she's expecting, he's young, handsome, personable and… furious. The New York News list of the City's most eligible bachelors has just been released, and he's on it. Poor guy.

Eddie's phone won't stop ringing, his co-workers won't stop snickering, and he needs a break. Out-of-towner Schroeder Kelly, on her first trip to the "Big City," seems the perfect person to help him duck the paparazzi for a few days, and they actually have a lot in common! Then a chance encounter with a very odd ring sends them back in time together, and somehow, on their third date, they end up married. In 1621 England. And nothing will ever be the same.

Can the time travel possibly be real, or is it just some sort of bizarre shared hallucination? Real or not, they figure out it only works if they are together, but they can't completely control it, which is terrifying. Are they really married? Eddie seems to think so, because he won't let Schroeder out of bed. Then, talk about adding insult to injury, Schroeder finds out, the "hard" way, that Eddie is an old-fashioned sort of husband who also thinks that, under the right circumstances, poorly-behaved wives can be upended for a little traditional correction. Which, in Schroeder's opinion, might fit right in in seventeenth century England but doesn't exactly cut it in 21st century New York and Dallas. Unfortunately for Schroeder's backside, Eddie doesn't see it that way.

As much as they might prefer it, their lives in the present don't stop. Balancing traveling through time, being newlyweds making love left and right, Schroeder wanting to be over Eddie's knee again for a spanking, Eddie investigating Schroeder's company for a buyout, and needing to hide their marriage from friends, family, and coworkers isn't easy. Toss in an ex-boss out for revenge, and Schroeder's not having a good year. In any century.